Apr. 23rd, 2017

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my goal for today...and i usually have one goal only,because i'm being realistic...is to empty the dryer and put my clean clothes away. i'm thrilled that i actually had the energy to do laundry yesterday.

if you know what it is like to have very limited energy,this will make sense. if not,it will sound ridiculous!

i'm tired already,and i've only eaten breakfast. but that is typical. often i get up,eat breakfast and then a couple hours or less later i go back to bed because i'm 'still' tired. then i sleep or rest if i can't sleep...often i listen to public radio... during the day for as long as i need to...usually four hours or so and sometimes way longer. i'm most likely to have a little bit of energy late afternoon/early evening,if at all.

in other news,i got a book*about a 'new' theory of emotions from the library,but as it turns out,it is really nothing new. or your mileage may vary...i've read a lot of this kind of stuff. if you have issues with mental and emotional stuff,it is suggested that...

you eat well,get enough sleep,and exercise! also,yes! yoga!

now,there is nothing wrong with that but some of us have heard that advice but not been listened to when we explain how hard that is to do...BECAUSE you are sick! also,when you are sick,it can often follow that you are poor and that means it is hard to eat well. etc. etc. etc.

some other easier things to do,depending on your capacity for them,is taking walks,reading books,watching movies and learning new words,or even languages. i am actually working on the latter,and it sure helps that i enjoy it. my latest goal is to learn the russian alphabet,and then learn a little russian,so when i am going through the 'latest' posts i can actually understand a word or two. it'a a good hobby for my brain.

meanwhile,i need to find some other topics to write about!

*how emotions are made by lisa feldman barrett


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