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2017-06-05 08:56 am

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got up early today because my blood sugar has been wacko and i've been hungry for the last day or so. yeah,too many sweets,for one thing,but i also think i'm not absorbing nutrients from the good stuff. so i got up and had a high protein meal along with a digestive supplement and hope i get some nutrition in my system and feel better.

hoping to get to the library today. i need to make photocopies of some paperwork i'm doing to renew the life insurance policy i get from long term disability company. because i have a mental issue,and i guess it was legal at the time,they stopped paying me after two years...limitations on 'mental' health. ugh. if i had more energy,i might fight it and/or have already fought it. could use the extra income,even though it wasn't much. so challenging to live these days. hoping to retain the life insurance at least to pay for my burial!

also going to look for a zecharia sitchin...the twelfth planet guy...book at the library just because i feel like reading some interesting out there theories.

last night i watched the first four episodes of 'the keepers' which is about a nun's murder in baltimore and corruption in the catholic church. i'm not shocked anymore after all i've learned these past years, and i've watched 'spotlight' but this series is so heartwrenching especially for one particular woman whom the series focused on.

i don't know what it says about me,but i chose this over doing yet some other paperwork i need to fill out to renew my license this week. i find paperwork intimidating and hate it! i like history and true crime and depressing documentary viewing much more than paperwork,and that's putting it mildly,because i watch that stuff even when i'm not procrastinating.

don't know if i should try to get some rest or stay awake and watch the last three episodes of that series. i will probably crash whenever i do lie down,and then it's hard to get out of bed. it could be two hours or ten hours,and i do want to go with my sis sara to the library later on today. but if i try to stay up i'll just be exhausting myself even more than usual,and that's not good for me. i will lie down and listen to public radio since there is a lot of good programming on during the day,and if i fall asleep i may get some rest.