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bluegreen17 ([personal profile] bluegreen17) wrote2017-04-08 06:22 pm

interests from lj

alfons mucha, architecture, art deco, arts and crafts movement, asperger's, atomic ranch, autism, baseball, cake, calvin and hobbes, cats, coffee flavor, extroverted introverts, geography, kaleidoscopes, meta, mid-century culture, modern dance, morrissey, mutual admiration societies, non-fiction, not procrastinating until later, office supplies, open windows, pinwheels, retro kitsch, retro-futurism, semiotics, sherlock holmes, shiny things, simulation, sparkle, stephen fry, subcultures, symbol systems, thomas pynchon, valentines, walter bishop, whirligigs, young pope, zephyrs

for now,i just copy/pasted my interests from lj before deleting.