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bluegreen17 ([personal profile] bluegreen17) wrote2017-04-09 11:19 pm

watching/reading: man in the high castle and fortitude

i started watching amazon's 'man in the high castle' recently because i thought i would really enjoy it. i'm stuck on episode four. this is my bias,but i'm thinking they might be more interested in 'shipping' characters...and i'm one of the rare ones who don't get into that much...than telling a good story. i don't know what the hell is going on,but to be fair,quick comprehension is not my strong suit.

anyway,i got the novel by philip k. dick out from the library and it is much different,and very good. the book won a prize,after all.

will probably try to find something else to watch. i am waiting for season 2 of fortitude,a thriller set in an arctic island in norway (filmed in iceland,though and very beautiful). i really enjoyed season one,though i had to cover my eyes during some gross parts. very much worth it though...good characters,good story,etc.

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