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listening to my personal collection on blip fm. mostly stuck in my fave eighties but the occasional newer stuff.

today was nice and cool.

a comment from a friend on tumblr,which is my place for pretty pictures,funny stuff,and cute animals,etc. and also other stuff but not so much writing,sent me researching some stuff on catholicism. i'm a lapsed catholic.i grew up in a church and went to catholic school for my first four years after kindergarten in a parish called sacred heart/sacre coeur. i didn't know much about the devotion to the sacred heart,but i like it. it's all inclusive,and that's what i believe,whether i am able to believe in a deity or not,which fluctuates. it's a hippy dippy thing to say but i believe in god as love. i'm slightly too young to be an original hippy and was a little punkish in the diy manner of speaking,during the eighties,but since r.e.m. was my favorite band amongst tons of others,i was mostly into 'alternative',i guess.

i thoroughly depressed myself last night by reading about niburu/planet x,the brown dwarf that was supposed to hit us today. or maybe in september. i like conspiracy theories because they are creative and different...well,at least some of them are,but most of them are right leaning and i lean left mostly. i'm a fan of pope francis and i still pray to saints,especially saint anthony,who helps me find things including peace of mind at times,and a lot of these folks think that the jesuits and pope francis are the anti-christ. my choice for anti-christ is someone far different! ha.

well,i'm all over the place here,but i have an ailment name for that! i'm not the best or certainly not the most organized writer but i do try to communicate. in fact,i don't even like writing all that much,which makes me much different than most folks on this website or even a lot of the internet,but i'm a reader and learner and i love the internet for that. also,i love to communicate even if it does take effort and i'm not one of those writers who love to write. sometimes i enjoy it a little though,so...

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