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call the midwife/called the plumber

firstly,i'll mention that i wanted to watch call the midwife season six via pbs online,because no cable,and it turned out that they are up to episode seven and only have the two newest online to watch. so i watched those,even though i hadn't seen the earlier episodes. i put my name on the dvd set that the library has on order. i also hadn't watched the christmas special,and at least that was on netflix,so i watched that this afternoon. of course,i cried. that show always makes me cry,but in a good way,mostly. love so many of the characters.i'm thinking of doing a rewatch via netflix of all the seasons. i'm pretty sure i've seen most of them,but there might be gaps.

well,it's been quite a week. not in a good way,surprise! wednesday night our kitchen sink backed up with black water and it turned out the plumbing was no longer flowing when our neighbor used her kitchen sink above us. so,she had to stop using her sink and dishwasher,and we couldn't use our kitchen much at all,because there were dirty dishes piled on the stove that would have been washed.

a plumber and then later two working together spent several hours trying to fix the problem on thursday,noisily snaking through the plumbing,but did not reach the clog before they had to leave for a septic tank emergency. they came back and tried again for awhile,but concluded they would have to open up the wall of our downstairs neighbors bathroom to try to snake from there,and they were going to arrive early friday to do that. well,friday they did not show up until 3 in the afternoon because of some other emergency,and then there were four plumbers being overseen by the realty person who manages the condo buildings,working on the floor under us as well as in our kitchen for close to four hours more. finally,finally,when things were not looking good,and i'm sure they were not thrilled to be working late on a friday anymore than we were enjoying their noisy messy company (black water and sludge...or as my sis sara called it 'primordial ooze' was under the sink and on the floor and it was disgusting...they finally got to the clog,which wasn't anything in particular but a clump of the ooze,and the water finally flowed where it was supposed to.

man,that was a nerve wracking couple of days for sara and i. we are both anxious sensitive souls and i'm mostly exhausted all the time,but i couldn't rest or sleep and sara has been extra tired this week because of being on a course of strong antibiotics for a bad cat scratch bestowed accidentally by astrid earlier in the week.

and as kurt vonnegut says, and so it goes.

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