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bluegreen17 ([personal profile] bluegreen17) wrote2017-05-15 09:14 pm

shall we talk about the weather? hi hi hi

well,climate change has already changed my plans for this week. sara had scheduled a pickup for an old oak table on thursday and then we were gonna proceed to clean out her storage unit to save the money that it is costing per month,which is a lot. most of the stuff has been removed,and sorted and hauled to goodwill,etc. with some of it ending up in my dining corner,but hey i'm already paying renting for that.

HOWEVER,it is supposed to be ninety degrees on thursday and as sara and i both have chronic health issues, and would have to wait during a three hour window for the pickup at the store facility without use of a bathroom and needing hydration especially for our poor old challenged bodies,this is not a wise thing to do. not to mention driving to the facility an hour away in a car that isn't the best at air conditioning, so we are rescheduling and hoping it's not a bad weather day next time,though that is quite the gamble.

the way i look at it,we would have both crashed and flared afterwards at best,and one or both end up in the emergency at worst,so no thanks. from a vulcan point of view,it would be like hikers having to be rescued at great expense to others because we didn't take into account weather conditions. illogical. i'm gonna do a retry on this one.

other than that,i paid some bills today and slept and had some small good dreams and a long harrowing nightmare i think helped by my worrying about the plan for thursday,and having to negotiate with stubborn sis (to be fair,i am stubborn too) about adjusting our plans and thus messing with how we wanted to get things done. but we've done that for now,so i feel a bit better.

couldn't find a baseball game on the radio tonight so i'm guessing the red sox have this monday off.

astrid spent much of the day snoozing at the end of my bed,which she rarely does...she usually snuggles up near me,under the covers,or isn't there at in sara's room or the living room. but today i cracked the window open a little to get some fresh air. didn't want to open it wide because i'm afraid astrid will break through the screen and fall from our second story window,which would not be good. so she at least could smell,hear,and feel the air from the outside while she was there. if she was a talkative cat,i think she might say meownice.

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