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a friend on fb was talking about having a favorite table at starbucks and i left this long comment which i like enough to reproduce here:

i used to have a favorite seat in the breakroom at work at b&n...can't remember if i glared,but it threw me off if someone else sat there. one of my workbuddies said if i didn't sit there,the world wouldn't be anchored properly. he understood! then they started moving the tables around in a different configuration and later took away the desk i had in the back room to work on. no wonder i had two nervous breakdowns resulting in my 'early retirement'*. that's actually symbolic of all the other work changes that were done definitely not to enhance employees lives and put me over the edge beyond my coping mechanisms of my lifelong depression and anxiety!

*early retirement meaning applying for and now living in poverty on ssdi. i'm 'lucky' i was able to work for thirty years despite my disabilities so i was actually able to get it. it isn't enough,and neither will my regular social security be when i get it,because my anxiety and depression issues limited what jobs i could do,and after trying one managerial job that was too much for me,i had low paying jobs in retail without trying to move up. i also started out with a b.a. in history to spring me to an entry level social services job,which i found for the same reasons...anxiety and depression...i couldn't really do and be functional,so i turned to working in retail,mostly bookstores,because i love reading. that is my saga. part of it,anyway!


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