Jul. 18th, 2007 05:32 pm
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today i went to the clothing barn at the local catholic church and got a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of polo shirts that will hopefully will fit me and i can wear for work. i usually go there during my vacations because the hours they are open aren't too convenient with my working week. not that i'm complaining,because i sure appreciate the sharing that supplements my wardrobe! i usually bring over clothes that didn't fit from last time and/or i just don't end up wearing and donate a few dollars at the same time. it's win/win.

i finished watching 'the curse of the golden flower' and am now officially in love with zhang zimou's movies. 'hero' and 'house of flying daggers' are beautiful and wonderful as well,though there are some earlier movies of his i have yet to see.

when i went to the library today i looked for books on china's ancient history. what a civilization they once had. i was reminded by a scene at the end of the movie that had fireworks that the chinese invented them,as well as many many other important things.

i'm on a movie spree,which is cool on a vacation with some wet muggy weather built into it. i use the ac more when it's cool and muggy than when it's dry and hot. humidity feels uber-icky to me.

i want to rewatch 'golden flower' as well as 'little miss sunshine' and i've still got two other dvds due back at the video store on friday. plus,there's baseball,though i'm rather annoyed at the red sox at the moment,but i'll probably still be watching! besides the two movies from the rental place,i've got three from the library to watch. there's 'monsoon wedding' which is one of my faves. maybe it's time to join the columbia house dvd club because i think there's enough movies i want to own to make it worth while,but at the same time i'm trying to slow down and savor my life,not collect more stuff. i also want to find a way to make room for friends in my life,so why am i spending my vacation watching movies? because i need to relax first. friendship takes energy. i haven't found enough of it yet. maybe i just haven't found the right people? i do have friends in my sisters,but the energy there is expended because none of them live close by. and i have two good friends that live far away,but it's not the same as having friends whom you see and interact with often. maybe i want too much. maybe not. i do try to remember to count my blessings. sometimes i get really depressed about this lack of friends and other times i'm okay with it. i think i have to have faith that i will have friends in my life again. i've had great friendships in the past,after all,so why not?


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