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the day started waking up and being sad and worried about my lack of energy. i do plan on having some blood work done one of these days. it's complicated,but i think i have hashimoto's,a thyroid autoimmune disorder,because my younger sister tested positive for the antibodies and many in the family have thyroid problems. alas,the medical profession usually just treats it like plain old low thyroid,but it is a problem of fluctuating thyroid,so i don't know if i can find someone i can afford to treat it properly. nevertheless,it could be worse.

i took a bag of trash out and washed some utensils. and also went to get my bottle of prozac,which by the way i think exacerbates my thyroid issues,but it also keeps me from feeling suicidal,so...i choose life! ha. even if it's at a snail's pace and i have a messy apartment and no one that has the resources to help. some folks have more problems,so i try not to talk about it too much. i've also been helping my sister,by being a kind ear on the phone mostly daily,as she is going through some difficult health stuff and bad anxiety.

this afternoon my friend marianne called and luckily no thunderstorms cropped up while we were talking because i would have had to get off the phone. we had a nice chat.

i opened the door to the building today when i came back from the drugstore and let in a guy who was carrying tons of rolls of carpeting. afterwards i was hoping he wasn't a mass murderer i'd let into the building. i did hear him working on the carpeting,so if he was he was doing a good cover job.

oh my. the sun is back. that's nice,since i spent the last two afternoons lying in bed because i was bored because i couldn't use the internet due to storms in the area. and slept too much and felt worse. but today,they have passed us by so far. amazing,because when i looked at the radar a few hours ago,it looked like two storms were gonna converge smack dab over my head. and they didn't. and that's just fine with me. mundanely yours,diane


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