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not much news,but i don't live a very newsy life,for better and worse!

just wanted to communicate,though.

i've watched three of the new doctor who episodes. haven't watched thin ice yet...i jumped ahead to be in tune with others on the current eps,but i'll probably catch up this week. really like new companion,bill. i hope they don't muck it up by having her falling in love with the doctor,even though she is supposed to 'mostly' seems to be hedging a bit they way it is girls. i don't mind if she grows to love the doctor...just hate the angsty relationships,though i'm pretty sure i'm in the minority there. i couldn't,well,DIDN'T, watch the last two years because of clara. couldn't stand her. not the actress,the character. i'm a big peter capaldi fan and i am still annoyed over the fact that two of his years as the doctor were ruined for me. alas. probably a some of those opinions stem from my age,but i'm not neurotypical either,so...i'm not even typically neurodiverse either...i don't belong anywhere but with others who don't belong anywhere...boohoo...thank goodness for the island of misfit toys.

just started reading neal stephenson's 'anathem' and if i didn't ALREADY think he was a genius...well,i would now. he's got a mind and writing style i surely appreciate.i haven't read the glossary because i plan to pretty much figure out terms by context,but i did read the first of the appendix,which was some math problem which didn't click with me. not surprised.

i am trying to replace an earworm by listening to some of my blipfm tunes. also,my stomach feels eh.

tomorrow if things go as planned i will pick out some eyeglass frames and get my glasses order. i hope i can find some frames that are cheap that i don't hate. my glasses are part of my general appearance,so i'm a bit fussy about them even as i can't afford much beyond the budget collection,and i investigated online but my prescription is too complex...very nearsighted,with bifocals now,to not get my glasses ordered directly from my eye doctor. my prescription is so strong i need to pick out small narrow frames so i won't get a pain in the neck from the weight of them. i usually get generic wire oval shapes,but this time most of the budget frames were rectangular,and i want oval,so they talked to a rep and got a couple of things for me to look at this week. i also don't like dark colored frames. my skin tone is more olive than pink but my hair is silver gray...i could be wrong but i think the dark frames just make my complexion look more...sallow. i'm not healthy,but i don't exactly want to emphasize that!

i will stop babbling now and go do something else.


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