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posting because...why not? i'm in a rare good mood. it might be partly because i am feeling a bit better since i stopped taking the thyroid medication,that according to western medicine and its tsh test treatments,would make me feel energetic. uh,no,it made me even more sluggish,and more depressed,which was definitely going in the wrong direction. don't know what i'm exactly going to do,because most practioner's don't want to know of the nuances of things like hashimoto's,which is thryoid autoimmunity,or adrenal fatigue. there are some docs in boston who deal with adrenal issues,but it's really not likely i'll go there for many reasons,including money and energy. i just can't afford that kind of specialty or a naturopath out of pocket. so what am i gonna do? i don't know. i am going to try a nettle compound,which is supposed to support the adrenals. the only med i am currently taking is prozac...and i'm pretty sure that's blowing out my adrenals too...but i am going to have to wait until spring to start the process of trying to wean off of that. i checked to see if there were any contraindications with the prozac and nettle,and it looks like a go. i will continue to educate myself.
yeah,so this is me in a good mood! good lord,it's a good thing i don't post in my 'normal' moods very often.

it's a beautiful fallish day,with a good medium breeze freshening up the air in here a bit. i got up early,and i'm starting to get tired,but i did clean the kitty's 'bathroom' and called the pharmacy to cancel my prescription refill. i want to become the mastermind of my own life. i like to think of it as a puzzle. how to get the most important things done with very little energy. maybe with a combination of what smarts i have and what wisdom i may have gained,i can choreograph something for myself.

i have been playing the sims 3 a lot and i think it actually helps me use my organizational mind a bit...which is very helpful. hey,that's as good an excuse for playing the sims as any. i'm a benevolent simsgod. in sims 3,some of the sims are evil,so i have been trying to make them feel fulfilled enough to earn points to not be evil anymore. haha. i'm amazed at how some of the sims do when i put them on free will autopilot. i have been doing that with a house with three adults sims. i play a character based on myself,and pretty much let the other two be themselves. i also got a part time job at the bookstore,a job i used to enjoy in real life.
actually,i used to work full time to survive until i burned out badly.

the sims can also do a 'reset' of their life goals,and i'm thinking i can do that for myself too. okay,see what i've got to work with now,because it's much different than what resources i used to have,and how can i make meaning with what i've got now?

so,i have sometimes used the sims as a sort of blueprint. oh,and i love architecture and interior design too,so i love all the houses and i like to visit the neighbors to check out their cribs. most of the time,it's too much work for my self created sims to make enough money to live in the best houses,but that's where strategy comes in...for cohousing,etc.

anyway,i think i will flip on the red sox game on the radio and see if they can sweep a four game series from the yankees. the shaggy bearded red sox have been tearing it up lately. a not-expected but hugely enjoyable bouncing back from last year,which felt like the end of the world. sort of.


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