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mostly carnivale

feeling icky...head hurts,stomach is queasy. it probably is a combination of messed up sleep,bad digestion,barometric pressure and spring allergens.

last night i finished season 1 of 'carnivale' and wow,what an episode! i rarely read fanfic but because carnivale had it's life cut short after two seasons leaving a lot of things unanswered,and the show's creator due to legal issues can't even create a book series or comics to complement it,i'm looking for fanfic. so far much of it is justin/iris crowe and they're not really my fave characters! this story has so much going on...big themes. i want it to be bigger. i'm not that interested in shipping characters,at least not in the romantic and/or sexual way. i love ensemble casts because there are so many different possibilities of friendship dynamics.

i also started watching season two of 'fortitude' and am not enjoying it as much as season one,but i've only watched a couple of episodes. still interested.