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carnivale/poster torn

other than having trouble chewing my broccoli,which is another sob story of the state of my teeth and needing dentures because i'm too poor for implants blah blah blah...

today has been pretty good. i finished 'carnivale' season 2 last night and i really enjoyed those two seasons. in spite of the fact that there are no more seasons,i'm glad those two exist,and now i'm surfing the net trying to find other people who love it and more of the story if i can. meanwhile,i've researched the creator of the show and almost bought a book by him at the bookstore,but had some willpower and will get it through interlibrary loan instead. it was helpful that when i went to the library today,there was lots of new stuff,plus they had season 2 of mister robot which i want to see,and so does my sister. we're trying to decide if we should rewatch season 1 first,though my vote would be just to jump in with season 2,because i'm just not as much of a completist,i guess?

i hope i did the readmore cut properly for dw! anyway,back 'round to the subject of teeth,one of the books i borrowed from the library today is called 'teeth' and it's about the state of dental health currently. medical history and public health interests me very much,and of course i have a personal issue with teeth,as mentioned above,so this sounds like it will be very fun,for what i call fun anyway!