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i don’t want to say this too loudly,but i haven’t even had my coffee yet and i’m feeling okay. the reason i am drinking coffee…or in my case,an almond milk mocha drink i got at the supermarket…is because i have a late day eye appointment and i need to wash up and get dressed and go to it and that is a lot for me to do. i will mostly liked crash tomorrow. it’s not the ideal way to do things,but sometimes it’s just about the only way to do something for me.

i had a chicken panini with cheese on sourdough for breakfast…one of those frozen things but still delicious. it’s a treat for me.

i had to call and arrange for my eye exam and glasses that i will be ordering…i am very nearsighted as well as needing bifocals since ten years ago,so my lenses alone are very expensive…to be paid for from my special needs health trust,which was originally supposed to be a used car fund but will probably get used up and leave me carless unless i have a miracle recovery or a lottery win or find a rich spouse…though i have nothing to offer anyone!

i haven’t had anything but generic cheap frames for years now…i’m tempted to get something fashionable,but that’s probably not a good idea because i may have these glasses for the rest of my life,which hopefully will be longer than fashion. i also might re-use some old frames,which would be the ultimate savings for frames,but that is so depressing,although usually the new ones i get look pretty much like the ones i have been wearing for years. i don’t HATE them,but.. i wear glasses all the time except when i am sleeping,and it would be nice to have frames i liked a lot. i will probably decide when i go and look at the prices at the eye doctors…

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Have you tried Zenni Optical? They have pretty cheap glasses, and you could splash out on something fancy.