bluegreen17: (Snoopy Reads)
bluegreen17 ([personal profile] bluegreen17) wrote2017-05-16 09:00 pm

who ran away with the spoons?

i just came home from the library and grocery store and i’m more exhausted that i normally would be from that. i probably am still recuperating from last week’s two and half day kitchen plumbing adventure which was nerve wracking but everything came out in the end,literally. our sink was backed up with sludge/grease from before the FLOOD. yes,i mean the biblical one,and yes i am exaggerating a little. main point being,they left with a bunch of our spoons and i think forks too. haha.

the library had a bunch of new books which is always fun. i returned neal stephenson's 'anathem' because i had renewed it twice and have barely started,so i will try again later. i really do want to read but the mental energy for focus has been low. i borrowed three nonfiction books which cover 'body horror',the lakota pine ridge reservation, and a book about reading. i love those meta book books. also got the latest fiction by cory doctorow which looks interesting. we shall see. i am more likely to take books on test drives than actually read them these days. when i was a kid i went from one book to the next to the next. more time elapsed as i got into high school and then four years of college,because i had to read and write so much,but i still read and wrote journals most of the time.

i also looked for the video of 'all the president's men' but someone has checked it out. i wonder why anyone has watergate on their mind these days? that only deserves one 'ha'.