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i watched episode 8 of 'call the midwife' last night and enjoyed it. i think it is also the last of the series. i'm waiting for the library to get the season in so i can watch the early episodes i missed.

i started watching 'the discovery' on netflix and am very curious about it and want to continue,but this morning not only are my eyes hurting,pretty sure because i'm getting used to my new glasses i picked up yesterday,and i've also got a bad gum irritation because of either accidentally brushing or chewing on my gums where i have no teeth. i put some coconut oil on it and hope it doesn't get infected. if it doesn't feel better later i may add some myrrh powder tastes like chalk but does help for gum and tooth stuff as i've used it before.

i think i'm gonna go lie down and listen to public radio for a while. i am sooo sooo sick of the trump presidency,but then again i never wanted it.