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bluegreen17 ([personal profile] bluegreen17) wrote2017-05-25 09:46 pm

what do you do with the mad that you feel?

feeling pretty lousy. i got gum inflammation which i am treating with coconut oil and myrrh powder,but it will take a bit of time. also,tree pollen is high which is why i think everything hurts more,especially my sinuses and face. so that on top of the usual stuff i deal with daily.

giving myself some time to rest as much as possible today. i did get a few things done this week,including picking up my new glasses,even if i don't like the new frames...they're almost the same,but not the same as my old ones,and i liked those,but hey i was limited with the budget collection. i've been even more fussbudgetty than usual the last few days adjusting to my new glasses..the lens,of course,mostly.

other things i got done are even more mundane so i'm not going to mention them.

on a happier note,my sis rachel pointed me to a currently ongoing mister rogers' neighborhood marathon that is going on for the next few days,so i watched some this morning and it put me in a better mood,thank goodness. if you think i'm grumpy now,you would not want to have encountered me this morning!

if anyone else likes or would like to try the calming effect of mister rogers with no bad side effects,here is a link

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[personal profile] solivini 2017-05-30 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
Coconut oil is the best thing for it. I had a tooth that decided to just come apart and it was a bad, bad scene. I did the oil pulling for about 5 days and have had no problems since. I think it was my gum that was in so much pain. I haven't considered myrrh powder, but I bet that works great. Thanks for the inspiration.
Hope you feel better :)