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language in egypt/personal whining

i just finished reading an article about language in egypt and i think i'm going to have to read it again,because i'm not sure i understood it the first time. it's a complicated subject,and influenced by politics and other social sciences. ' by peter hessler

if i can figure out how to do it,this will be followed by a 'read more' because the rest is kvetching. my apologies if it doesn't work...i'll try again another time!

in my own mundane but scary-to-me world, i'm eating breakfast and thinking about how to make ends meet...moneywise and energywise. i'm getting to the end of my tiny savings and my current expenses are unsustainable on my only income of social security disability.

i cut out cable tv a year ago,but am afraid if i cut out internet,my sister sara who lives with me,and i will go insan-er. we are also not always able to get out and use internet other places,though i would worry about security even if i could do that.

i need to apply for food stamps even as trump wants to cut that and my disability,which i live on,out of the budget. the paperwork for applying for food stamps here in new hampshire is daunting to me because i simply get overwhelmed with low energy and focus. still,it is not impossible and i have to do it. too bad i also have to get my license renewed in person at the dmv as well as have my car inspected this month,two things that use my energy as well.