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bluegreen17 ([personal profile] bluegreen17) wrote2017-04-08 04:43 pm

revival ho and hi!

i'm one of those folks who just dragged all their crap from lj because i don't want to worry about russian laws,or support the regime! i'm following the revival as it's a good time to find a few new folks and try to get my journaling mojo going again.

i will probably add a few new folks and then decide on whom i will do the 'grant access' thing with...i think that's similar to letting lj folks read your private stuff. i'm not terribly secretive though. i'm probably more likely to lean towards tmi and i guess you either want to follow me or you don't. i always thought i'd be more popular on the internet than i am,because i think i have an interesting mind,but apparently it depends on what one is interested in or how wide a scope you throw your...i was gonna say 'net' but that's not quite right...maybe embrace?

anyway,i am very grateful to dreamwidth because i haven't learned too much computer savvy stuff and don't even know much about backing stuff up,and my mental and physical energy limits what i do both with my brain and my body,so i don't think i'll be doing that soon. so,even though i have great anxiety over my finances and not much hope for improvement in the future,i want to scrape up a few dollars to give to dw,because i am grateful for the whole import thing,and just for being able to be here,and not totally lose everything i did on livejournal!